site update!
13 June 2011

It's been a while since I touched this. Updated the site with css style changes. I've decided I'll use this blog to post recommendations to different stuff (mostly computer stuff i guess)

I've been an avid PC user for most duration of my life, but I recently bought a macbook pro and my opinion of apple software changed a lot. If you told me 10 years ago that the future me would enjoy using/developing on MacOSX then I'd probably slapped you in the face. I was just too stubborn then, truth is MacOSX is a great operating system. It's a Unix-based operating system so the Terminal is built right into the system. It even comes with ruby and python dependencies! (however you'll need to update it obviously)

Here's some must need Mac apps on my macbook pro:

  • Divvy - First thing i did not like about MacOSX is that the resizing window button is on the bottom right, and I already got used to Windows 7 resize windows by dragging it to the edge of the screen. This app allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to automatically change the size of the window (i only created shortcuts for full screen, half screen left/right)
  • gfxCardStatus - If you have a macbook pro with dual graphics card, you'll want this program. Let's you set which graphics to use manually, saves battery if you just want to web surf.
  • wifi2hifi - stream the sounds from your mac to any iOS device (iOS device must buy the app for 1 dollar)
  • adium - Messaging client
  • clipboardhistory - Keeps a history of your copy and paste
  • Soundcloud App App version of

Only con of a Mac is you have to deal with Apple pricing and marketing, which is not always jawesome. But as a developer you should at least try to use a Mac, it's something you can put on your resume too!