19 November 2011

Thanks to a cup of coffee at 10:30 PM, i was able to finish restyling of my blog. I will never drink coffee that late ever again. Past couple of month has been crazy. Couple of projects in the work, will post about problems I've had in the past, how I solved it, and useful ruby gems I've come across.

31 August 2011

Been a while since i last posted, been learning a lot and keeping busy! Recently started on a side project, it consists of collecting statics from social networks. It's pretty interesting learning these metrics, the world is coming to a point where social media is not just something for fun anymore. It's become a integral part of our lives

For version control, I have been using GIT. Although I say I use it, I'm still only doing the simple stuff of git. But it's nice and along with github it's a great way to back up your code and its process. For deployment I've chosen Heroku, simply because pushing the project from my computer to github, then to heroku is so simple. Only trouble I had so far was when I needed to switch the cedar stack for Heroku, there were some problems of me not having postgreSQL on my local machine. But I solved that with a simple search on google.

I'll update on the progress of the project as I go. Peace outttt.

24 June 2011

Migrated my site from charleschen.github.com to charleschen.com using rsync. Also learning to use Rakefiles to automate my tasks.

I've been studying Ruby on Rails lately. Interesting language. I probably try out some projects, will post them soon